Dr. Yuan unintentionally matching outfits with Dr. Gee.

In Loving Memory of
Dr. Gerry Gee

Formerly Dr. Gerry Gee Optometry 

We seek to carry out Dr. Gee's legacy in continuing to
provide high quality eye care and treat every patient as family.

Dr. Gerry Gee Optometry is now Avalon Optometry!

Dear Friend,

Your friendly optometrists at Dr. Gerry Gee Optometry have not changed! 

Dr. Gerry Gee faithfully served you for more than 35 years. To me, Dr. Gee was simply “Gerry” - he was like an uncle to me. I grew up serving at church with him. I chose to become an optometrist because of him. He has taught me so much personally and professionally. 

When I heard that I was hand-picked to continue his private practice after his passing, I had no words. Dr. Gee treated every patient and employee as family. My mission is to continue his legacy in providing the same high level of care - with compassion, dedication, and love to you and your family. We aim to go above and beyond to ensure that you and your loved ones are taken care of. I know I can never replace Dr. Gee, but I like to think that we are cut from the same cloth.  I look forward to getting to know you as a person - not just a patient or “number.”

I hope that you will continue to put your trust in us to take care of all your eye related needs.


Dr. Ryan Yuan